Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand From the glittering temples to white sand beaches and culinary traditions, Thailand has captured the attention of every tourist. Famous as the ‘Land of Smiles,’ this blog will help you prepare the best itinerary for your next vacation by offering a list of the top 10 places to visit in Thailand. Are you searching for the best tourist destination for a family or honeymoon vacation? Don’t worry. We have the perfect choice for you! Thailand offers visitors an ideal mix of adventure, peace, romance, and royalty. It is popularly known for its pristine beaches, magnificent temples, rich culture, and flavorful cuisines. The Big Buddha, Golden Triangle, delicious street food, and exotic floating market completely fascinate Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand among visitors. This country is home to an incredibly rich cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery, and incredible nightlife. Whether going out with your friends and family or planning a romantic getaway with your partner, nothing can be better than making unforgettable memories in Thailand. Thailand hosts many cities, each with a unique identity and charm. We know it’s challenging to identify the top ones from the platter. So, we have relieved you of this task by listing the top 10 places to visit in Thailand. Bangkok – The capital city It is Thailand’s capital city and offers an exhilarating mix of the big-city bustle, modern architecture, and happening lifestyle. It hosts the impressive grand temple of Wat Pho with the giant reclining Buddha, and the shimmering nightlife is a treat to watch. The Chatuchak weekend market, loaded with sumptuous Thai cuisine and shopping sprees, is no less than a pleasing gimmick for travelers. The Khao San Road is the best place to begin your journey and experience the tropical beauty of Bangkok. Khao Yai National Park – The wildlife haven If you are a wildlife enthusiast, Khao Yai National Park is the best place to soothe your love for animals. It is the first and the third largest national park in Thailand. This UNESCO world heritage site shelters diverse wildlife like elephants, monkeys, hornbills, wild Thai tigers, gibbons, bats, Asian black bears, freshwater crocodiles, pig-tailed macaques, etc. The dense, dripping flora and beautiful waterfall are a sight to watch the long-standing natural preserve. The park also features more than 50 km long hiking and biking trails passing through the jungle pools of vines and orchids. Phuket – A family getaway The palm-fringed beaches, authentic and delicious cuisines, exotic local culture, luxurious spas, and high-lit lifestyle make up the ravishing beauty of Phuket. Adventure the adrenaline rush with kayaking, jungle trekking, white water rafting, scuba diving, and much more. Phuket is the country’s largest island and the perfect family getaway for relaxation and pampering. A visit to Patong Beach, the most popular beach in Phuket, and Phang Nga Bay, a fantastic place that houses aquatic grottoes, limestone islands, and beautiful caves, fill up the fun spaces in the entire journey. Chiang Mai – The temple city With more than 300 temples, Chiang Mai is famous for its rich and magnificent ancient temples. It is the second-largest city in Thailand and home to two tribal villages. For tourists wishing to experience the coexistence of historical and modern Thai architecture in the mountainous landscapes, Chiang Mai is the perfect place to be. One of the most famous temples in the area is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, situated on a mountainside overlooking the city. Some of the fascinations of Chiang Mai are botanical gardens, handicraft markets, elephant nature parks, etc. Sukhothai – Rich ancient ruins Sukhothai beholds the rich ancient historical sites, statues, and temples of Thai culture. It was the first capital of Thailand, then Siam, during the 13th century. The Sukhothai historical park is home to multiple ancient temples, Buddha statues, chedis, and other archaeological sites highlighting Thailand’s rich history with stucco relief. This place depicts the golden period of Thai civilization – The Dawn of Happiness through its architectural beauty. If you reach early, you can also experience the peaceful and rare sight of the sun glinting off the historical sites. Ko Chang – The Elephant Island If you are looking for the best of a tropical vacation with your friends, family, or spouse, Ko Chang is the best destination to capture the most beautiful memories. It is the second-largest island in Thailand and has the elephant-shaped headland. Hence, famous as Elephant Island. The area is adorned with vast sandy beaches and tropical jungles. The White Sand Beach is the island’s most popular and longest beach to visit, and Namtok Khlong Phlu is the largest waterfall in Ko Chang that drops into cascading tiers. The route here is underdeveloped, so getting here is more of a trek. This island offers tourists fun, rustic, budgeted bungalows, glittering bars, and restaurants. Kanchanaburi – City with the iron railway bridge Although admired for its natural beauty, national parks, waterfalls, and gigantic scenery, Kanchanaburi is primarily known for its iron bridge over the river Kwai that links the Death Railway to Burma. It got its name as “Death Railways” because, between 1942-1943, one hundred thousand Asian laborers and prisoners of World War II died during its 16 months of construction under the Japanese occupation during WWII. Kanchanaburi is also an ideal pursuit for hiking and rafting. You also get to explore the Thailand-Burma Railway Center, an interactive museum that tells the tragic story, and the JEATH war museum, a replica of the ‘prisoners of war camp.’ Krabi Province – Authentic Thai culture If you are fascinated with the authenticity of Thai culture, Krabi Town, a small city in the Malay peninsula, is the perfect vacation destination to engross more in it. Flourished with jaw-dropping scenery     and island-hopping tours, this place is one of the must-visit destinations for a vacation trip to Thailand. Some popular attractions of Krabi town are Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint, Railay Beach, Bamboo Island, PhraNang Cave Beach, etc. Explore the local night markets, have a